Alpha Series Crochet Hooks

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Alpha Series Crochet Hooks
Alpha Series Crochet Hooks

Heirloom quality Alpha Series crochet hooks are the original Furls design, and a classic beauty.  Each hook is one of a kind, featuring characterful, natural variances in wood grain and colour, which is revealed only by the master craftsman who skilfully brought it to life from a blank piece of wood. It is only finished after seven stages of micro-polishing, giving each hook a smoothness likened to glass. And yet, the wood composition still has subtle grab.

Furls carefully choose who woods are sourced from with special consideration to sustainability. Alphas are available in seven woods:

  • Purpleheart- Wood of subtle colour in muted reddish purple, pinks, and pinkish beige. Grain is usually straight, but occasionally wavy. 
  • Bloodwood- Bright reddish/russet coloured wood which can sometimes have chatoyance, a three dimensional reflection of light. 
  • Blackwood- Black in colour, incredibly smooth. 
  • Tulipwood- A warm pinkish coloured wood with red bands. 
  • Rosewood- Very strong wood of brown colour, sometimes with striping. 
  • Olivewood- A light, sometimes yellowish wood with darker brown or black contrasting bands which are often irregular.
  • Cocobolo- Reddish-brown in colour, often with darker irregular patterns through the wood. 

Sizes depend upon the type of wood it is made from. Purpleheart and Bloodwood start at 3.25mm, whilst the other woods start at 3.5mm. Generally they go up to 10mm, but occasionally are available in larger 13mm and 15mm sizes. 

The Alphas of course feature the Furls hooks feature a proprietary fusion hook tip, promoting uniform stitches and a more comfortable crocheting experience. They are deep enough to hold working stitches snugly without intense wrist motion (like an inline Bates) but with a rounded lip that is soft enough not to split delicate fibres (like a tapered Boye). Designs are backed by years of research and development, allowing you to crochet more comfortably, more effortlessly, and more beautifully.

Please note that all wood tends to darken with age as a result of UV exposure. If you wish to minimise this effect keep the hook stored away from light.

Handmade Furls hooks are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and defects, and come with a single use warranty against accidental breakage. And, if you don't love the hook, you can ask for a refund within 90 days of purchase. See FAQs for more warranty and guarantee information.

A note about us:  We strive to provide excellent customer service both short term and long. Hooks are examined and sized to ensure you get the best possible products. Whilst we cannot spot all irregularities, we will always make it right should you spot a problem.

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