Odyssey Crochet Hooks - Red

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Odyssey Crochet Hooks - Red
Odyssey Crochet Hooks - Red
Odyssey Crochet Hooks - Red
Odyssey Crochet Hooks - Red
Odyssey Crochet Hooks - Red

The red Odyssey by Furls is a stunning shade of crimson, and available in your choice of nickel or 14K gold electroplate.

Please note *gold electroplates are not recommended with abrasive fibres such as raffia and very scratchy yarns, as it is a soft metal and may be damaged.*

About the Odysseys

The Odyssey range was designed not only to help alleviate and prevent pain, but also  to help crocheters work more quickly and efficiently. How?

1) Smoother surface: The electroplating has much smaller pores than wood. This exceptional smoothness decreases resistance, and facilitates glide through all types of yarn. This reduces strain on joints, and promotes a nearly effortless crocheting experience.
2) Forward weighted for momentum: The pewter core and medium length adds weight, balance and forward momentum, which further minimises hand and wrist workload.
3) Shape: The ergonomic body shape of each hook fits perfectly into the metacarpophalangeal joint of the hand, improving hand and wrist relaxation no matter how the hook is held.
4) Proprietary fusion tip: The fusion tip design means Furls hooks are deep enough to hold working stitches snugly without excessive wrist motion, and gently rounded enough that it does not split fibres.

Guarantee and Warranties
Furls hooks are an important investment in hand health, so each is guaranteed against defects in workmanship, and has a single use warranty against accidental breakage too. And, if you don't love the hook, you can ask for a refund within 90 days of purchase . See FAQs for more warranty and guarantee information.

Ongoing Support
OpoCrochet strives to provide excellent customer service both short term and long. Hooks are examined and sized to ensure you get the best possible products. Whilst we cannot spot all irregularities, we will always make it right should you spot a problem.