Large EGO Ergonomic Pen/Stylus Grip - on OpoCrochet
Black EGO Slimline (14mm) Ergonomic Grip - on OpoCrochet
White EGO Slimline (14mm) Ergonomic Grip - on OpoCrochet
Black 27mm EGO Ergonomic Grip - on OpoCrochet
Large 27mm White EGO Ergonomic Grip - on OpoCrochet

Professional Ergonomic Silicone Grips

by EGO Machines
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Originally created as a grip for professional tattoo artists using the Apple stylus, EGO grips can be used for all sorts of things such as crochet hooks, tools, art brushes, wide pens, etc. They are perfect for use on crafting tools you can't or don't want to replace. OpoCrochet stocks EGO ergonomic grips to help those crocheters who work with very tiny crochet hooks or want to make a on old favourite hook ergonomic. They are extremely effective at easing hand pain.

Don't be fooled, the quality and design of these grips is superior, far better at relieving pain than smaller, cheaper ones. There is just no comparison. A combination of quality composition, generous width, and ergonomic shape sets these grips apart from others. They are silky smooth without being slippery, allowing hand relaxation and a use of a very light touch.

The inside diameter of EGO pencil grips is 8mm, a little larger than standard pen or pencil size. It can stretch a little so will fit over many handles, even the ergonomic grips on some crochet hooks. It is possible to accommodate the grip to slim items by wrapping them with a rubber band, yarn, or PTFE/plumbers tape to make them a little wider prior to fitting the EGO. The are available in two styles:

  1. Large: At 27mm across, the width might look and feel a little unusual at first, but it beautifully opens the hand, relieving pain very effectively.
  2. Slimline 14mm is the same quality material and workmanship, but in a different outline and more slim design as the name suggests.

No grip can fit all items, so if the EGO grip does not fit, returns are accepted provided the grip and original packaging is in resellable condition.