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Candy Shop Crochet Hooks
Candy Shop Crochet Hooks - OpoCrochet
Candy Shop Crochet Hooks
Candy Shop Crochet Hooks

Candy Shop Crochet Hooks

by Furls
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Furls Candy Shop hooks are very similar to Alpha Series hooks in length and shape, but instead of wood, Candy Shop hooks are made of lightweight polyresin. The hooks go through five stages of sanding, have an aluminium undercoat, and and are finished with automotive grade paint which has  a hint of shimmer. The candy-like painted finish also gives the hooks slight grab for control over slippery yarns.

Hooks are colour coded according to size:

  • 3.5mm/E Blueberry
  • 3.75mm/F Blue Raspberry
  • 4.0mm/G Grape
  • 4.5mm/G+ Cosmic Mint
  • 5.0mm/H Strawberry
  • 5.5mm/I Blackberry
  • 6.0mm/J Green Apple
  • 6.5mm/K Mango
  • 7.0mm/L Lemon
  • 8.0mm/M Pineapple
  • 9.0mm/N Plum
  • 10.0mm/P Butterscotch
  • 13.0mm/PP Blood Orange
  • 18.0mm/Q Spearmint

Years of Furls research and development goes into every hook they make, ensuring that you will be able to crochet better and more comfortably. Furls hook tips are a fusion of Bates and Boye style hooks, deep enough to hold working stitches snugly without intense wrist motion (like a Bates), and have a rounded lip that is soft enough not to split delicate fibres (like a Boye). 

Furls hooks are guaranteed against defects in workmanship, and come with a warranty against accidental breakage. And, if you don't love the hook, you can ask for a refund within 90 days of purchase. See FAQs for more warranty information.

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