Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks

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Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks
Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks
Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks
Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks
Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks
Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks

Wood Streamlines are Furls most economical crochet hooks. Their design is also unique: They have a slightly more pointed tip for better stitch penetration, and longer length at 7 inches/17.8 cm, and are lightweight, warmer than metal hooks, and have subtle grab to prevent yarn from slipping off the hook.

There are three wood variations:

  • Camwood- Blonde to tan
  • Rosewood- Discontinued
  • Teak - Similar to Camwood, but sometimes with banding and light flecks
  • Ebony- Black, sometimes dark brown with lighter occasional banding

Limited Edition woods such as Paduak (shades of russet with occasional banding) are occasionally available.

The wood Streamlines' size range varies according to the type of wood the hooks are constructed from. Camwood, Ebony, and limited edition Paduak's sizes range from 3.75mm/F to 10.0mm/P. Teak offers the same plus two additional sizes, 3.25/D and 3.5/E. 

Please note that all wood tends to darken with age as a result of UV exposure. If you wish to minimise this effect keep the hook stored away from light.


Guarantee and Warranties
Furls hooks are an important investment in hand health, so each is guaranteed against defects in workmanship, and has a single use warranty against accidental breakage too. And, if you don't love the hook, you can ask for a refund within 90 days of purchase . See FAQs for more warranty and guarantee information.

Ongoing Support
OpoCrochet strives to provide excellent customer service both short term and long. Hooks are examined and sized to ensure you get the best possible products. Whilst we cannot spot all irregularities, we will always make it right should you spot a problem.