Metal Yarn Bowls

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Metal Yarn Bowls
Metal Yarn Bowls
Metal Yarn Bowls

Furls gleaming hand cast, metal yarn bowls are a useful item for crocheters and make an especially thoughtful gift.

The beautiful but functional design prevents yarn from rolling away whilst crocheting or knitting, minimising lint pickup and untwisting of yarn fibres. The polished finish keeps yarn feed flowing without stopping to unravel, giving a more enjoyable crocheting experience.

Each measures 3"/7.6cm tall and 6"/15.2cm in diameter. Choice of polished aluminium or copper powder coat finishes.

Handmade Furls products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and defects, and come with a single use warranty against accidental breakage. And, if you don't love your item, you can ask for a refund within 90 days of purchase. See FAQs for more warranty and guarantee information.

A note about us:  We strive to provide excellent customer service both short term and long. Hooks are examined and sized to ensure you get the best possible products. Whilst we cannot spot all irregularities, we will always make it right should you spot a problem.

*OpoCrochet does price match against any advertised price in the UK, so do get in touch if you have seen a lower price.*

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